Your internal staff is is weighed down with day to day hiring requirements and you need 50 sales people in three months? The Bulk or Turnkey hiring is the solution.

At Apto, we can easily handle your high-volume recruitment needs, through our well oiled team machinery, advanced technologies, processes and proficiency. Even on the very short notices, we can handle your hiring projects in a timely and cost and effective manner. We can easily incorporate with your internal resources, so as to ensure the evenness in the procedure and to retain the candidate’s experience as well.

There are various benefits of project-based hiring, like it lessens the overall time to hire and surfeits, controls the expenditures and also reduces the peril by deleting the fixed overhead and avoiding the severance costs, it provides access to all sort of candidates, hidden, active or passive, it enhances the hire quality etc.

Our contacts and professionalized team of recruiters who are experts in the concept of bulk or project based recruitment’s, provides our clients with best in class candidates and due to their experience and knowledge in the field, they come up with the best project based recruitment solutions to for our clients, taking care of everything along the process.