Over the past few years, The Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) sector has grown remarkably, due to increased investments in infrastructure and industrial production. Accordingly, the business strategies have also developed overtime. The rapidly growing EPC industry had brought in vast opportunities in both greater and rising economies.

Considering the challenges of finding HR in this sector, India is taken as the hub of talented individuals. It’s present challenges as a democratic country and it’s pool of  scientists, researchers and engineers as well as the rapidly improvising and growing literate workforce has made it an attractive destination for  firms and producers all across the globe. The engineering sector in India itself is expanding three-fold. Governments are constantly working upon developing the infrastructure of their countries, today. India’s focus is now on becoming a superpower itself.

Indian construction equipment industry is expected to grow six-fold by 2020. India also has witnessed a major rise in the salaries of middle and superior managements, because of reasons such as positive growth in domestic market, increasing inflation and major FDIs. Thus, it is obvious, that the EPC industry holds immense potential presently and in the near future.

We, at Apto have focused on building a dedicated team of consultants and researchers working over the various aspects of sector. We provide our clients with finest and well experienced professionals. Our team of expertise ensures that your industry acquire those candidates which matches up your company’s needs and tradition.