Construction and Real Estate sector has been acknowledged and developed, worldwide, over the past few decades. India, being a developing nation has shown a steady growth, with corporate atmosphere and increase in demands of office areas and residential spaces. The construction industry is amongst the major sectors of overall economy. It is considered that over the next few years, this sector will rise over more by 30 per cent.

Thus it has attracted many foreign investors and it is estimated that it will incur more NRI investments in coming years. Expectations are that, that the Indian real estate market will play a pivotal role by 2020, contributing much to the country’s GDP and its overall economy.

The demands and growth of this division of the economy has resulted in challenges of finding the talented workforce and skilled professionals in this area, due to reasons like less number of contractors, professional institutions and not much developed recruitment policies.

We recognize and consider the problems and prospects of finding the right kind of talent, our clients expect. We have a group of skilled and professional individuals who have a thorough knowledge and understanding of this particular field and its economy, which can identify with the requirements of this industry well, therefore helping our clients get the best candidates for their companies.