End to End Recruitment

In today’s time, the spotlight is on candidate’s experience, knowledge and skill during recruitment procedures. The important part is choosing the right talent, with the needs that match the firm’s needs and traditions. The employment opportunities are increasing day by

Executive Search

Executive Search and headhunting is not really an easy task. It not just demands investment of time but to do an unbeaten headhunt, one need to understand the requirements of the firm, the industry vision, tradition, business strategies and short

Project Based Recruitment

Your internal staff is is weighed down with day to day hiring requirements and you need 50 sales people in three months? The Bulk or Turnkey hiring is the solution. At Apto, we can easily handle your high-volume recruitment needs,

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Recent Placements

Project Director (Highway) , Project Manager (Structure), HOO (Water), Head of Sales (Water), Manager (Electrical Tendering) GM (Signalling & Telecommunication) Project Manager (EHV Substation)

Executive Search

QA QC Manager,Head of Planning ,Construction Head ,Bridge Design engineer, Highway Design engineer ,Head of commercials